Astrophotography, Part 1

Astrophotography, Part 1

Astrophotography used to be a hobby of mine and I would make it out with my camera a few times a year. Over the last few years I haven't prioritized this hobby, but I am ready to start again.

Astrophotography typically involves hours of idle time in remote locations (often higher in elevation). As it turns out, this is also a great opportunity to get out some ham radio gear and make contacts.

I am working on a "go bag" for astrophotography. So far it includes a 12v, 12Ahr deep-cycle AGM battery and a DC-DC converter to power the camera. I also included a 12V fan so blow into the lens to prevent condensation. My goal is to support 10 hours of continuous shooting and make it as convenient as possible.

Ver1. of the Astrophotography Equipment bag is a 12V AGM battery and a DC to DC converter set to 7.4V.

I'll post more pictures of the go-bag build as I continue with it. Here are some of the things I intend to add:

  • 3D printed enclosure
  • Outputs for 12V (direct), 7.4V (1A max), and 5V (2A max)
  • Fuses on every output
  • Built in storage compartment for a trickle charger

The Canon camera bag is a great size and I think it will become the permanent "astrophotography" bag.

Here are some of the photos from last night:

And here is a video timelapse of the photos: